Age Spots, Sun Damage & Melasma

Age Spots/Sun Damage

Age spots are flat, oval areas of increased pigmentation that can be shades of black, brown or gray. They appear on skin that has had the most sun exposure over the years: the face, shoulders, upper back, backs of hands and tops of feet. Age spots can range from freckle-size to more than a half inch (1 centimetre) in width and may group together, making them more prominent.

Tanned skin is damaged skin. We all love that healthy glow that’s the result of spending some time in the sun, but we pay a big price for it eventually. Age spots, fine wrinkling, sagging skin, dull or dry skin and uneven skin tone or texture are the result of too much time in the sun.

Sun damaged skin can speed up the clock, leaving you looking older than your natural age. It can also cause large patchy brown spots to form on the face, neck and hands.

To treat age spots, we recommend a combination of MINERAL sunscreen, medical grade skin care products, Fotona, or PicoSure Focus Laser treatments or chemical peel treatments.

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Melasma is a common skin issue causing brown to gray-brown patches on the face. They are usually symmetrical and resemble splotches or ink blot spots. It occurs most commonly on the cheeks, bridge of the nose, forehead, chin and above the upper lip. Melasma is driven by hormonal factors, but is aggravated by the sun, heat and UV rays. Women are far more likely than men to experience this condition. It is also known as the pregnancy mask, as many women get Melasma above their lip during pregnancy.

Treatment for Melasma involves daily use of MINERAL sunscreen (to prevent it from worsening), topical skin lightening lotions, a Retinol product (to speed cellular turnover in the skin), as well as laser treatments. Only certain lasers can be used to treat Melasma, as many lasers, including IPL, deliver too much heat into the skin and often make the condition even worse.

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