Facial Scar Treatments

Facial scarring can detract from your natural beauty, as well as make you look older.

A raised scar occurs when collagen is produced to replace the injured skin. An excess of collagen can result in a skin repair, which rises above the surrounding healthy skin. Scar tissue is your body’s normal repair when the body rushes to produce collagen to replace the torn skin. Very often an excess of collagen results in a wound repair that rises above the surrounding normal skin. Scar tissue is the body’s normal repair reaction. It’s designed to protect you so it’s typically not the same texture, colour or shape as your original skin. Typically, it is thicker and more fibrous.

When a scar is sunken, it is the result of skin loss and loss of underlying supporting structure. Although a viral illness like chicken pox can create a ‘pit’ in your skin, most sunken scars are caused by acne, which affects the second layer of skin where the hair follicles are located. The size and depth of these pits can vary greatly.

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Reduce or Eliminate Facial Scarring

At Vantage Medical, we offer solutions for your skin concerns to reduce, or dismiss, facial scarring. We recommend the following treatments:

  • PicoSure Laser
  • Jessner Peel : medium- depth chemical peel that works to improve skin health by helping remove and heal extensive skin damage, such as acne scarring, discoloration, sun damage, and create a great texture and even skin tone
  • Fotona Laser

Prevent the signs of aging, maintain your beautiful skin or rejuvenate a tired-looking complexion.*

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